About Tracy Pshyk

     I think it is pretty safe to say I don't have a particular style of art I have stuck with. Just like my music I love to do a little bit of everything and experiment with different styles. I prefer to use oil paints for all my photo-realistic work and both oil and acrylic for the outside-the-box-stuff. 


     My winter scenes I think show the most technical skill and detail. I love painting them and seeing the finished product as it takes a while for me to see the realism in it. Its like looking in a mirror. We really only see ourselves in pieces and that is how i see my winter scenes. Then one day ill just walk by and be like "Whoa! That looks so real!"  It's kind of weird, but true. Most of them involve ski or snowboard content and that's for one fantastic reason: because snowboarding is the greatest thing I will ever get to do and this is my way to share it with the people who love it as much as I do. It makes me feel like i am there doing exactly what i love most. I am so happy people appreciate them as much as they do. 

     Then there is my more abstract work which I love just as much, if not more, then the winter scenes. I come from a pretty weird/punk rock background and have always loved darker tattoo-style art. I absolutely love  crazy, colorful, impossible artwork that doesn't make sense but that is why it is beautiful. It makes you think outside the box and access our imagination which as adults, its hard in this day and age. There are no rules with art so I am going to try and push some boundries.

    There is no art I don't want to try and I love a challenge to I am excited for the custom orders I have gotten as of late. I can see my art getting finer and crisper and i can't wait for the future!

Here is  a short bio if you would like to know where i come from!


     I Was born in Edmonton, Ab. I moved to Fort Mcmurray when I was 3 and grew up there with My Mom, Dad, and one sister. Through elementary school and high school are where I started to develop an interest in art. It started out with mostly pencil sketch.  It wasn't until grade 12 when I picked up a paint brush and found passion for painting. What started out as more simple experimental work became more defined and detailed over the years.


     I made a move to Kelowna and decided to really try to work harder on becoming more skilled at painting. After being in Kelowna for four years I decided to make a surprise move, after some very tough life challenges, to Fernie BC. Feeling very lost and depressed about where life had left me, I took up snowboarding which completely changed my life. It was such a gratifying fulfilling thing that left me finally with a reason to  keep persevering and progressing.That's where everything changed. Some good friends came up with project after project, challenge after challenge and truly tested what I could do artistically. A mural, a few portraits, a ton of paintings, and a whole new lust for life later, it was time to move back to Kelowna and finish what I started.  

     Going back to Kelowna seemed like major step forward and now, for the first time, I decided to make art a priority. 4 years after moving back, after a ton of experimenting, trying new styles, and trying to get out into the art world here in Kelowna I feel like I have my foot in the door. It's only in and up from here! 

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