Puff n' Paint July 12th at KFF

Puff n' Paint July 12th at KFF

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Please come join me at this wonderful Acrylic Puff n' Paint event at a new venue in Kelowna. The Kelowna Flower farm! Located at 3683 Berard Road, off of Spiers Road. 7pm is the class start time. Create a piece of art among the most beautiful tropical plants you could ask for. This greenhouse is spectacular! No experience neccessary but you must be 19+ to participate. Ticket comes with all of the supplies you need to create this fun coy masterpiece in acrylic. Class will be roughly 2.5 hours, give or take, as well all go at a different pace! Please arrive 10 minutes early, if possible, so we can get puffed and settled before the class begins. I will have a few door prizes for participants that I will be drawing at the end! 

 Due to current regulations I cannot supply any cannabis to participants (I cant even give you it with the ticket, darn you government). However, I am charging just my regular fee I would charge for any regular class and allowing you to bring your own smoke.  

A Few things to prepare yourself:

-once again this class is for 19+ only and anyone looking under 25 i will ask for I.D.

-there is a consumption waiver that must be signed when you arrive before we start, as you are in charge of how much you consume

-bring a sweater! It is quite warm in the greenhouse when we start but it gets cool as the sun sets and it will definitely be more comfy with another layer

-mosquitos can get bad in the greenhouse. I have a can of Bug spray on me at all times for anyones use, if needed

-this is an alcohol-free event but I do encourage you to bring a waterbottle. However, I do have some bottles of water on site for anyone who needs one. 

-lastly, I encourage a designated driver, uber, taxi, or arranging a ride if you plan on consuming heavily

There is no physical ticket so please just present this e-receipt as your ticket(s).