Winter Wonderland

"Morning Rays"

30x40 in Oils on Canvas

"Telus Park"

24x36 in Oils on Canvas

This is my collection of Winter landscapes. Most are painted from photographs taken at Big White Ski Resort. I have spent the last Five seasons riding up at Biggie and it has been an amazing experieince. Snowboarding is my life and I love capturing those beautiful mountains. If you would like a custom landscape of your own, please contact me for more information!

"Ride the Highway"

12x16 in Oils on Canvas

"Above the Clouds"

18x24 in Oils on Canvas

"Ridge Rocket"

16x20 in Oils on Canvas


12x24 in Oils on Canvas

"Rink Ready"

14x11 on Canvas in Oils

"Black Forest"

40x30 in Oils on Canvas

Custom Art

One thing i love about this job is the unique ideas people have for custom artwork. Whether for your office wall, living room, or a gift for someone else, there is endless ideas and everyone is different! I can either work from a photograph or you can just shoot out an idea of what you want and i can design you something that is one of a kind. Oil or Acrylic and in any size you can think of. Feel free to contact me for an idea of what i can do for you and a quote!

"Purple Haze"

     16x12 in Oils on Canvas

       "MaryJane Insane"

20x16 in Oils on Canvas

The MaryJane Collection

This is the beginning of a collection I am very excited about. As a person who has been around marijuana and has been an advocate for as long as I can remember I felt it time to pay tribute! I will have many more of these coming and will hopefully have a show dedicated to this collection. And if anyone is interested in getting one I am way too enthusiastic to do so.

"Untitled" 20x24 in Oils on Canvas

This painting was an honor to do as it is a memorial piece in memory of the purchasers father. She says whenever she thinks about her dad a honeybee will show up. She said she wanted it to consist of a little girl holding a bee. So this what what i designed and painted for her!

These two paintings were commissioned to go into a very good friends poledance studio. Both were fully designed by me and were based off of very loose ideas this amazing lady had. If you dont have a direct idea of what you want i am more then happy to work with you and create a design you love. I always want to make sure you walk away with something you couldn't be happier with!

"To Infinity  and Beyond"

16x24 in Acrylic on Canvas

"Treble in Paradise"

20x24 in Oils

The Skulls

For some reason I have always had a love for skull artwork and was excited to do some interesting ones of my own. All of them are unique and have their own personality. This is my favourite collection, one that still has more to be added!

"The Lost Warrior"

16x20 In Acrylic on Canvas

"Red Stang"

24x18 in Acrylic on Canvas


20x20 in Acrylic on Canvas

"Owl Be Right Back"

18x24 In Oils in Canvas

"Dark Side of the Moose"

16x20 In Acrylic on Canvas

Custom Board Designs

Skateboard, longboard, or snowboard custom one-of-a-kind designs made just for you. Varnished for its specific material, these boards are usable or works of art for your wall! 

Hand-painted Memorabilia

Band Logos, Concert mermorabilia and any other iconic images. Get a special piece for that person in your life who can't stop obsessing about it. The perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas!

Pendulum Boards

Pendulums have been used throughout history to tell the future. They are a divination item usually made out of crystals with a weighted point on the end. I designed these boards to be used with the pendulums for yes or no questions. They are a piece of art but also an item you can use everyday in spiritual practice. There is a ton of information on how to use pendulums and pendulum boards properly. I can either do a custom design or you can pick from the unique ones i already have available!

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