I am currently open to commissions so feel free to send me a message or email with a request for a painting. I work with oils on canvas for the most part and I usually price according to size but adjust to the difficulty of the reference. I can also do mural work if need, in acrylic so feel free to ask for more info on that! Paintings take about a week to dry once they are finished before they can be shipped out as oil paint takes days to dry.


I use a reference photograph to create my art if it is one of my photo-realistic pieces.You must have a high res photo of what you would like painted that you OWN. This means either you took the picture or you have permission to use it, or its copyright infringement. I also take orders for custom pieces that include a more fantasy and abstract esthetic, or mixing photo-realism with fantasy. I love doing weird stuff too so it doesn't hurt to inquire!


I am in Canada so if you are Canadian I have E-transfer, Credit, and Paypal. If you are anywhere else I find paypal is the best option for the smoothest transaction but I can also do credit. I take a deposit up front on all commissions, about 25% of what you are quoted. 


I am based out of Kelowna, BC, which is in Canada. I can ship anywhere in the world but I can only give you a quote once I know how big the piece is and where you are located for an accurate price. Usually I ship through Canada post but bigger pieces I go through Fedex. They are a bit pricier but its worth it for the extra care as if you pay that much for a larger piece its a safer way to send them.

I make my own custom packages and I use a ton of tape and bubble wrap. Is it the most esthetic packaging? No, Its not always glamorous but I am a one woman show and I want to make sure those paintings get to you SAFE. That being said I also reuse and recycle as many boxes and packing equipment as I can. I feel like this helps make up for using so much tape and bubble wrap. We all have to do our parts!


Oil painting is a skilled process that takes years, decades even. It takes TIME. So yes my prices may seem high, but they are on the low spectrum of fine art, believe it or not. These are not something you get from Target or Walmart. Each piece is made unique to your size and what you want by an artist who has spent over 15 years perfecting their craft. Please keep that in mind when looking at ANY artists prices.

I have decided after much debate to return to charging by the size of painting. Its just easier and a base rate i can give you so you know it fits your budget.  Here is a list of sizes you can choose from, and there is also a bunch of sizes not listed so if you see one not listed you can inquire for a quote on that. I am open to all sizes but just couldn't list them all!

8x10"- $125

9x12" oval- $175

10x10" round- $160

11x14"- $200

12x12"- $200

13x13"round- $250

12x16"- $260

12x16" oval- $240

16x20"- $450

18x24"- $550

16x40"- $800

18x36"- $775

20x20"- $450

20x24"- $600

22x28"- $900

24x24"- $700

24x30"- $1000

40x30"- $1800

48x36"- $3200